I specialize in providing interpreting services within the realm of theater and film.

Since childhood, I’ve loved immersing myself in the characters of stories, leading me to approach interpretation with the dedication to “playing the shadow” of the person I interpret for.

Whether it's capturing the rhythm of their speech or conveying their emotions through gestures and expressions, my aim is to channel the energy emanating from their very being into words, all while maintaining a sense of authenticity.

Furthermore, in the capacity of on-set interpretation, where cast and crew unite to craft a production, I meticulously discern the directors' intentions, enabling the cast to unlock their fullest potential.

My ultimate goal is to foster effective communication and mutual understanding among people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I firmly believe that even these modest efforts can contribute to global harmony.
Through the power of language, I endeavor to bridge the gap between Japanese and global entertainment.

Rules for Interpreting

1. Interpreting Fees

Two tiers of interpreting fees are offered: Full Day and Half Day rates.
Please note that for stage interpreting, charges are based on a per-performance basis.
Interpreting fees are calculated based on working hours, including gathering time to dismissal time, which covers the meeting time on the designated day.

(1) Full Day: 7 working hours + 1-hour break = Up to 8 hours in total.
(2) Half Day: Up to 4 hours in total.

2. Preliminary Consultation Fees

For consultations requested on non-working days, a fee equivalent to 50% of the Half Day rate may apply, depending on the nature of the discussion. On working days, Overtime Charge will be assessed only if the meeting exceeds the specified working hours.

3. Overtime Charge

If the nature of the service falls under any of the following, Overtime Charge will apply:

(1) For Full Day rate, if working hours exceed 8 hours, charges will be assessed on an hourly basis.
(2) For Half Day rate, if working hours exceed 4 hours, they will be converted and invoiced as a Full Day rate.

4. Surcharge

For services that extend into early morning or late-night hours (22:00 to 7:00), a surcharge of 50% will be applied to the interpreting fees.

5. Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees, as outlined in the rules below, will be assessed for the cancellation of formalized orders, including changes of date and time.

(1) Domestic

4 - 7 days before the event 30% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation
2 - 3 days before the event 70% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation
The day before or the day of the event 100% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation

(2) Overseas

7 - 10 days before the scheduled departure 50% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation
2 - 6 days before the scheduled departure 70% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation
The day before or the day of the scheduled departure 100% of total estimate for interpreting fees and compensation

Rules for Business Trips

For assignments beyond 100 kilometers from Tokyo Station, they are handled as business trips. In these cases, expenses such as compensation for constraints, per diem, accommodation and transportation fees apply.
※For inquiries about overseas business trips, please contact me.

1. Compensation for Constraints

When assignments are located beyond 100 kilometers from Tokyo Station, compensation for the time spent in long-distance travel constraints will apply.
※Distances are measured in kilometers according to the shortest vehicular route.

2. Per Diem

When assignments are located beyond 100 kilometers, a per diem will be applied as a business trip allowance. The fee structure varies depending on whether it involves an overnight stay or is a day trip.

3. Accommodation and Transportation Fees

The actual expenses will be invoiced.
The accommodation, airfare, and other travel expenses are not included in the interpreting fee. As a general rule, these expenses are not reimbursed but are kindly requested to be arranged by the client in advance.

Recording Fee

For those who wish to record or film the interpreting audio, please consult in advance. In the event of publicizing or broadcasting the recorded or filmed material on the internet or other platforms, a recording fee will be applied.


To ensure your confidence in entrusting your projects to me, I maintain strict confidentiality regarding the nature of the services and any pre-existing materials.


For first-time clients, advance payment is requested. For subsequent transactions, an invoice will be issued upon service completion. Please make the payment via bank transfer to the designated account by the end of the following month.
※Please note that any transfer fees incurred are the responsibility of the customer.
For a personalized quote tailored to the specifics of your request, feel free to reach out for further details on rates and services.