“After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Even after many years, "Gone With the Wind" remains a timeless classic, and this iconic line continues to hold its magic still to this day.

I’ve always admired Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine who stood firm through all the trials and tribulations of her tumultuous life during the Civil War and Reconstruction Era.

Her bravery and determination to take her life by the reins and rise above every challenge she faced has always given me courage to move forward in my own life.

No matter how many times she falls, she is back on her feet, again and again.

Whenever life has knocked me down and my heart was almost breaking, I have always craved her strength of mind.

When life throws unexpected hardships our way, there are moments when we feel weak at the knees, frightened at the thought of having to accept and overcome some of the most difficult challenges during our lifetime.

In such predicaments, we become so immersed in the particular roles we’ve been given to play, that we forget they are the creation of our own writings and directions.

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players."

This famous opening speech, known as one of Shakespeare's legacies, continues to live on in our everyday language. Just as he compares life with theatre, we are in fact nothing more than actors who take part in the epic drama set on this planet Earth.

At the same time, let us not forget that we are our own storytellers, weaving this epic drama of life.

We create the stage settings, decide which characters enter and exit our lives, and choose the costumes we wear and the props we own – it is entirely up to us to delve into the details and produce our own plays.

We are often at the mercy of the physical reality thrown at us, fluctuating between hope and despair, happiness and sorrow, and fretting over transient successes and failures. However, we always have the authority to choose – just like Scarlett – how the story unfolds in the next chapter.

Truth be told, we are the masterminds of our own lives.

Let us not lose control of ourselves, preoccupied with the roles we play in the theatre called life – but instead, let us reclaim our power to take full responsibilities of our lives.

Every little event brought into our lives is inherent guidance that connects us with our inner selves – just like Scarlett – who turned crisis upon crisis into an opportunity to reveal her exceptional talent for business and leadership.

Although Scarlett is initially depicted as a spoiled Southern Belle who grew up on a plantation named Tara, she manifested her authentic self as an independent entrepreneur in the face of countless adversities and challenges.

Following dreams may not always be easy. Sometimes we stumble, get lost, or even drown on our way…
Each and every experience, however, is an inspiration that awakens us to our infinite possibilities within and becomes the momentum to propel us into a new journey ahead.

In defiance of the expectations from her society, Scarlett dared to go against tradition and stayed loyal to her inner voice throughout the story.

"Today's gone in vain, but there's always hope for tomorrow!"*

This is how I would express her mantra in Japanese. In spite of the desperate situations she had been thrown into, she looked ahead to the future and always hoped for a better tomorrow.

We’re currently living through a great transitional period through which humanity as a whole is beginning to awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

Determined to transcend these turbulent times, and driven by the hope of continuing my dreams, Scarlett O’Hara’s legendary resilience propelled me to embark on the journey of launching my own business, “ScarlettWay”.

My aspirations are twofold: to globally expand professional horizons in the realm of films and theatres, while also building cultural bridges through the power of entertainment.

I’m also an actor seeking to expand overseas. As a kindred soul with shared ambitions, I am deeply committed to supporting fellow artists who embrace challenges to make their dreams come true.

To all those with unwavering spirit in the pursuit of their dreams, I wholeheartedly stand beside you.

ScarlettWay Founder
Noa Iwasawa
*There is a Japanese proverb: ”The winds of tomorrow will blow tomorrow”, which has long been considered a standard for the Japanese translation of ”After all, tomorrow is another day!”