I am delighted to offer English subtitling services to meet the diverse needs of your Japanese films, whether they're intended for submission to international film festivals, showcasing live theater productions, promoting commercials, or demo reels.
I collaborate closely with you to ensure your content conveys the original storytelling, fostering a profound emotional connection with foreign audiences while effectively bridging cultural differences.

My English subtitling services include:

  • Script translation into English or Japanese
  • Spotting (time coding)
  • Subtitle placement
  • SRT file creation
Flow of Service
  • STEP #01
    Clarifying Your Specifications
    ・Availability of the script
    ・Intended purpose
    ・Required subtitle file format (typically, time-coded SRT files and an Excel spreadsheet)
    ・Preferred delivery date
    ・Budgetary requirements
  • STEP #02
    Spotting (also referred to as timing or cueing)
    By meticulously analyzing the audio content and the script, I determine the in and out times for each subtitle, specifying when they should appear and disappear on screen. Spotting is primarily done to synchronize with the audio, but it also considers scene changes.
  • STEP #03
    Translation for Subtitles and Proofreading
    I translate subtitles based on technical specifications, including minimum and maximum durations and character limits. After the translation, I perform quality checks to ensure the accuracy of meaning and nuance, avoiding any misinterpretations.
  • STEP #04
    I will send you subtitle files, typically a set of SRT files and an Excel spreadsheet, via email by the specified deadline.
Required Data for Requesting Subtitle Translation
1、Video file format: MPEG1 or WMV
2、Scripts that can be copied and pasted.
Subtitle File Format
Subtitle data is typically delivered in the form of an SRT file and an Excel spreadsheet. If you prefer a different format, please let me know.
- SRT Files

SRT files are time-coded transcripts that specify the in and out times for each subtitle. These files can be imported into subtitling software to automatically display subtitles in the correct sequence. SRT files are often a primary requirement for international film festivals and are also compatible with YouTube.
You can create SRT files using any text editor installed on your computer, such as NotePad (on a Windows PC) or TextEdit (on a Mac).

- Microsoft Excel

Alternatively, I can provide an Excel spreadsheet that includes the in and out times and subtitles, all recorded in separate columns. Excel files are especially recommended if you are using software that is incompatible with SRT files or if you prefer to have control over subtitle display.

- Other Formats

If you use SSTG1Pro, a Japanese subtitling software, I can also deliver subtitle data in the SDB file format.