December 30, 1983
Tokyo, Japan
5’4” (164cm)
English (fluent)
Test in Practical English Proficiency (EIKEN) Grade 1
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) 950
Nissho bookkeeping test 3rd grade
Special Skills
  • Japanese traditional dance
     (studied under Ms. Sumi Hanayagi since six years old.)
  • TIME CUP English Speech Contest – Grand Prix winner (2000)
  • The 35th St. Gallen Symposium* – selected as a Japanese student delegate (2005)
Films & theatres, reading, writing, singing, kimono, traveling, Paris, Vienna, Russian literature, art museums, chocolates, psychology, metaphysics, the Demartini Method, classics, Shakespeare, Joseph Campbell, study on divination (numerology, Mayan and Western astrology etc.)

Born in Tokyo in 1983, Noa is a Japanese actress and entrepreneur. She has been mesmerized by the magic of Hollywood films and live theatre since the age of three.

In fifth grade, while attending Sacred Heart Elementary School in Tokyo, she moved to the United States due to her father's business and lived in San Francisco for nearly four years. She graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School in 1998.

Upon returning to Japan, she completed her education at Sacred Heart High School in Tokyo and later attended Keio University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in law. Following her graduation from Keio, she pursued her love and passion for acting, enrolling in drama studies at the New National Theatre Drama Studio as a member of the class of 2009.

In 2009, she became a founding member of "Saitama Next Theatre," under the leadership of the late Japanese director Yukio Ninagawa. There, she made her theatrical debut by portraying Okiri, the leading female role, in "Sanada Fūun-Roku."

In 2023, she launched her own business, "ScarlettWay," with the aim of empowering artists who wish to expand their presence overseas, all while extending her career as an interpreter and translator, specializing in theatre and film.

Noteworthy is that she has inherited inherits Russian heritage from her great-grandmother.

Drawing on her diverse background and international experiences, she aspires to serve as a bridge between Japan and foreign countries, transcending all boundaries of age, nationality, and culture. Her repertoire encompasses a wide range of drama, from straight plays to musicals, and from classical to modern plays.

* An annual global conference which takes place in May in St. Gallen, Switzerland, organized by the students of the University of St. Gallen.
It is one of the world's leading platform since 1970, where 600 leaders from economic, political, social and academic fields and students from more than 60 nations are gathered to have interdisciplinary discussions across boundaries of cultures and generations.